A place with no Facebook, the debut solo album by G under the name "a cat from Alpha" is out! Recorded in a very short time in the fall of 2017, it was intended as a gift to friends and fellow musicians. Mixes were made on the fly, hardly taking more than a couple of hours. Few handmade packaged cds were made and the album was briefly available on bandcamp for free downloading.During the 2021 lockdown G spent some time ...


December 25, 2015

Last summer of youth

Our new Ep "Last summer of youth" is available on all major digital stores and streaming services. It includes the title track (taken from the "Cats have landed!" album) and 5 new songs. Here is the track list: 1 - LAST SUMMER OF YOUTH 2 - PUNKY BOOGIE 3 - I'VE BEEN LYSERGIC 4 - NAPOLEON SLEEPS 5 - I FEEL LIKE I'M DONE 6 - WRITTEN ON THE MAGAZINE You can see the artwork below and read the ...


Our first release, 2011's "Last man on earth EP", finally released on digital stores and available for streaming on planet Earth. Some cds left, if you like it physical you can buy it on ...


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