released April 29, 2021

1 – Hurricanes
2 – For her, for a while
3 – Those summer days
4 – To a distant star
5 – Wrong? Right.
6 – Dreambuster
7 – First/Last (Something ’bout you)
8 – Emma’s on the swing
9 – I forget the things that you say
10 – 24


A place with no Facebook is the debut solo album by G under the name “a cat from Alpha”.

Recorded in a very short time in the fall of 2017, it was intended as a gift to friends and fellow musicians. Mixes were made on the fly, hardly taking more than a couple of hours, giving the record a rough and authentic sound.
Few handmade packaged cds were made and the album was briefly available on bandcamp for free downloading.

During the 2021 lockdown G spent some time remixing it to give his album a proper release.

“A place with no Facebook” is a departure from the indie rock of the Cats from Alpha and finds G in a more acoustic territory. Some cats came by to add something here and there but it’s mostly G alone, singing and playing all instruments.

A place with no Facebook is available in digital format, on streaming services and on cd.

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All songs by G

G: vocals, all instruments

Pietro Pizzoli: drums on “Hurricanes”, “Those summer days”, “Wrong? Right.”
Erica Mason: viola and violin on “For her, for a while”
Andrea Marcolini: cello on “For her, for a while” and “First/Last”
Roberto Zantedeschi: trumpet on “I forget the things that you say”
Paolo “Dex” Ballini: sax on “I forget the things that you say”

Recorded and mixed by G at Strawberry Fields.
Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering. Additional mastering by G at Strawberry Fields.
Original drawings and paintings by Giulia Zantedeschi, Giuseppe Vallenari, Margherita Vallenari and G.
Artwork by G.


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