released December 24, 2013

1 – Space invaders!
2 – Last man on earth
3 – Voyager 1
4 – Break down and cry
5 – Last summer of youth
6 – Rainville
7 – prettyprettyboy
8 – Big bang generator
9 – whatIam/whatImnot
10 – Spacegirl
11 – Not that I’m concerned
12 – You blow the world away

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G: vocals, guitars, juno 106, hammond, harmonica, sampler, VST instruments, percussions, bass on “Voyager 1
JM: guitars
MIRKO: Juno 106 and Nord lead 2x on “Spacegirl”
ANDREW: drums on “You blow the world away”

All tracks written by G.
Recorded and mixed at Strawberry Fields by G.
Mastered at Carl Saff Mastering by Carl Saff.
Artwork by Martina Ceschi and G.
Original SpaceKatz drawings by József Zé Kovács, who probably also comes from Alpha.

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