released September 11, 2011

1 – Last man on earth
2 – Let it flow
3 – Best days of our lives
4 – Hamlet & I
5 – Danae

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G: vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, hammond, mellotron, juno 106, moog, clavinet, chamberlin, percussions
Guido Cattabianchi: drums
JM: acoustic & electric guitars, vocals on “Hamlet & I”
Michele Cavallaro: bass
Erica Mason: violin and viola on “Danae”
Andrea Marcolini: cello on “Danae”

Track 1,5 lyrics & music by G
Track 2,3 lyrics by G, music by G/JM
Tracks 4 lyrics and music by JM/G

Recorded and mixed at Strawberry Fields by G.
Mastered at Carl Saff Mastering by Carl Saff.
Artwork by Martina Ceschi and G.
Blade Runner Movie font by Phil Steinschneider.

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