New EP “Oh, that was us!”

December 13, 2023

“Oh, That Was Us!” the new EP by Cats from Alpha is out today on Spotify!
You can also download it from bandcamp and buy the CD version HERE.

We promised you more music soon and you know how cats are reliable! Well… sometimes we can be. And, you know what? This is really the case!!! How thrilling, how exciting, what incommensurable joy exploding everywhere.

We have these 6 songs that are ready to resonate in your ears and give your hair cells good vibes to groove all day and night!

“Oh, That Was Us!” is also the definitive answer to an enigmatic event occurred in 1977, that is the “Wow! signal”. So this EP clearly has a great scientific importance as well, but we don’t make a big fuss about that, ‘cause we’re easy goin’, it’s just our nature. But we wanna make sure that you know that you’re listening to a historical milestone (just to stay objective, that is).

“Oh that was us” will soon be available on all streaming platforms and digital stores .

The cats drawings are made by diseg.nina, check out her IG for more of her artwork @diseg.nina