Back to work

August 23, 2021

Cats are known to be lazy… but Cats From Alpha are well known as the laziest cats ever on this side of the universe!!!

Anyway, even cats from Alpha sometimes decide it’s time to do something meaningful (which can possibly bring joy, money and general adoration). After leisurely passing some years by either under the sun or by the fireplace, they finally wrote some songs (a bunch actually), rejoined, and started playing them. They are in the middle of recording an album which should be ready soon. How soon is soon? Nobody knows for certain and nobody dares to put the pressure on them (‘cause, you know, they are so crabby).

Though some album titles are definitely being considered, at this precise exact moment in time and space nothing’s been decided, except that it’s gonna be oh so cool. (Oh so cool is not the album title).

The lucky few who have listened to the music have a very clear understanding of what’s going on, talking about indie-surf-funk-junk-lo-fi-acid-space-rock-futuristic-retro music but with style! Which style? They don’t have a clue.

Some pictures of the recording sessions were taken by some Cat with a camera, who call himself a photographer but he’s not. They usually show someone making something with some instrument. 

More coming soon.